Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods you accept?
When do you process my card?
What are your terms for cancellation of order?
How do you maintain privacy of our information ?
The order value charged on my card don^t match with the order value on the website, what^s the reason ?
Do you ship products worldwide?
What are your shipping means for orders and what^s the time frame of delivery?
Do you provide tracking number once you ship the package ?
What^s the website to track my order?
Who is the best person to answer my questions which are not mentioned here ?
Are your products generic or branded ?
What is the meaning of Generic ?
Why do the name and/or shape and/or color of the generic pill differ from the branded one?
Why are generic drugs cheaper than the brand name ones?
What is the quality of generic drugs?
What are the manufacturing standards for generic drugs?
How do Soft drugs differ from Regular?
What is the package like?