About apparatus:-

NuvaRing is a form of combined hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring, which has a small flexible apparatus coated with hormones that acts splendidly to prevent from birth control. It is a stretchy plastic device ring, which discharges a low dose of a progestin & estrogen used for around three weeks. It seems exerting by the women around the globe. Using this device reduces the risk of pregnancy. One can easily get prevent from pregnancy by using this instrument and without going under any medication process. Nuvaring can be termed as a birth control tool, discharges estrogen & progestin to grant contraception. You need to take birth control pill orally every day; whereas, fixing NuvaRing discharges the hormones incessantly in a lesser dose than the pill formerly inserted. A woman, who wanted to take precaution and prevent from pregnancy, can use this tool easily. To get this instrument drop at your doorstep order online. You can afford purchasing it online and from the site called in a cheapest price. 

Manufacturer: Zydus Healthcare

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NuvaRing 0.12mg/0.015mg

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How does it works?

As like all collective hormonal contraceptives, NuvaRing acts mainly by thwarting the ovulation. It acts resulting hampering of sperm dispersion by varying the cervical mucus. Hormonal contraceptives also give impact on the endometrium that tentatively may liable to affect scion, though it has not yet scientifically confirmed that hindrance of implantation really consequences from its usage. NuvaRing must not exert by the one who is pregnant. NuvaRing provide 120 µg of etonogestrel & 15 µg of ethinyl estradiol by using every day.

Uses of Nuvaring :-

Nuvaring has been introduced a kind of vaginal contraceptive tool need to be place inside the vagina for around 3 week period and removal during menstruation. The gap week of NuvaRing is similar to the placebo week as like combined oral form of contraceptive pills where the contraceptive effect managed during this session. You can place this flexible ring inside the vagina to get secure from pregnancy. One can exercise sex without any hesitation after placing this contraceptive ring. You may accidently get this device move out, which can be placed again with the help of the finger. In such matter, wash the ring with the cold water prior reinserting it. In fact, you can check the position of the ring periodically. To place the ring you need to take a particular position, which can facilitate the fixing habit. The risk of pregnancy may get develop when the time period get proceed for more than 3 hours of rings removal.


  • Privacy and helpful for pregnancy prevention without practicing any kind of medical term.
  • Reduce the estrogen exposure than with the mutual oral contraceptive tablets
  • A low risk of estrogenic side effects as like queasiness, nausea, swollen breast.
  • A low risk of irregular bleeding in spite of its lower estrogen dose.

Contradiction of the Nuvaring :-

NuvaRing may get contradicted to the possibility of blood clots, cardiovascular allied with oral contraceptives leads to cause strokes, heart attack, etc. this may get turn more critical if accompanied with smoking, alcohol, etc. NuvaRing has been restricted to the breastfeeding woman; since, the existing hormone in it may get reach to the baby through the breast milk and could cause harmful for the baby.

Prevention to be taken :-

You need to be hygienic in overall process of fixing the ring. One needs to use it persistently and need to change every month after menstruation. It’s a birth control device; one can’t use it for abortion purpose. You must not use any kind of instrument to fix this contraceptive device. Use your finger to place the ring. You might get some amount of bleeding while placing the ring no need to worry about; since, it generally happens.  

Side-effects :-

You may get the risk of vaginitis, head ache, upper respiratory infections, leucorrhea, sinusitis, nausea, weight gain, etc.  

Storage :-

You need to store the ring under moderate temperature. The used ring has to be disposed at the safest place. 

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