Ovral L

Ovral L


About drug

Ovral L is an oral contraceptive supplements and a monophasic, low dose grouping of Levonorgestrel & Ethinylestradiol exerts to thwart the risk of pregnancy. Each of these oral pregnnac prevention pills comprises 150 µg of Levonorgestrel & 30 µg of Ethinyl estradiol. Ovral is a form of birth control pill, which acts by averting an ovulation, varying the cervical mucus & the altering of the uterus coating. Ovral-L comprises an active component called levonorgestrel of around 150 µg (0.15 mg) & ethinyl estradiol some around 30 µg (0.03 mg).  One can take it as an emergency contraceptive pill immediately after performing unprotected sex. In short, this pill can be used immediately after you enjoy an unguarded sex with the love one to drop down the risk of pregnancy. Through this pill you can protect the possibility of undesired pregnancy. 

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Ovral L 0.15mg/0.03mg

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How does Ovral-L work?

Ovral L emanates under the class of oral contraceptives.
This contraceptive acts by repression of gonadotropins.  Even though the main deed of this action is impeding of ovulation, by changing the cervical mucus (this turns the sperm get enter into the uterus) & in the endometrium (which tends to drop down the possibility of implantation).

How to take Ovral-L

You need to take this pill exactly after sexual performance to prevent the risk of pregnancy. The kit of ovral-L comprises 21 pills, which needs to be taken daily and halt during menstruation. You supposed to take this supplement with or without meal and through ample amount of water. Try consuming the pills by maintaining at least a one day gap. The drug acts outstanding if taken same time every day.  If, in case you missed the dose take immediately when you remember and if you skipped the dose you need to consult the doctor. One can’t take the missed dose along with the normal running dose; since, it may result certain kind of health hurdle. This pill is a kind of birth control method for the one who tend to perform sex without any precaution to prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Taking this pill one can enjoy their sexual life without any complication. Kindly do not practice the ovral L prior 28 days of delivery.

Safety measures

It is an emergency contraceptive pill one must not take it as an abortion pill. This need to be taken exactly after sexual performance, if you missed the dose you may likely to develop the risk of pregnancy. If, you get any kind of severe complication while exerting this pill kindly consult the doctor. You need to avoid taking this pill during breast feeding; since, it may lead to harm the fetus. If, you get a symptom like nausea or vomiting rush to seek the help of the doctor. Well, it likely to happen when you missed the pill. Drinking alcohol or smoking would be one of the biggest threats to turn the drug affect less, thus try avoiding this unhealthy habit to perform. You need to take the pills completely without breaking. Process of any other medication needs to be reveled prior exercising the kit of Ovral-L. You also need to disclose your complete health record to the physician before taking this contraceptive pill.

Advantages of this pill

•averts from unwanted pregnancies
• facilitates the menstruation & drop down the risk of ovarian cysts
• reduce the likelihood of ovarian or endometrial cancer

Drug interaction

  • Barbiturates,bosentan,
  • carbamazepine,felbamate, griseofulvin,oxcarbazepine,
  • Phenytoin, rifampin,



Numbness or weakness, sudden head pain, mystification, nausea, giddiness, vomiting, dark urine, loss of appetite, engorgement in hands, ankles, etc. are some most seen form of side-effects.


You need to store this medicine under the room temperature away from the range of sunrays, heat and air. Kindly place the medicine away from the contact of the kids. Better option would a small box, which helps protect the pills from moisture and kids. Do not store an outdated pill, set out it at the safest place. 

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