Cytotec / Cytolog

Cytotec / Cytolog


Cytotec / Cytolog is a form of abortion pills, which comprises the drug called Misoprostol exerts to avert pregnancy of 11-12 weeks. Its intake process seems to be vaginally and orally, which needs to be practiced within 72 hours of the sexual deed. Here, one has a choice to take the drug virginally or orally.  Misoprostol is proposed for therapeutic abortion, it’s an alternative to surgical abortion. One can easily abort an unwished pregnancy. The boon of using therapeutic abortion is being cheaper, easier, less persisting & less risk of scarring & devotion linked with surgical abortion.  

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Cytotec / Cytolog 200mcg

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Misoprostol pill found to be successful when it exerts with the grouping of Methotrexate pill or Mifepristone pill. Taking Misoprostol pill only found to be less effective; it may need medical supervision, around 1% of women get heavy bleeding & some will hold ectopic pregnancy & around 12% of pregnancies may get a defective child. Besides, all if taken early may help you get an unwished baby aborted.

How does it work?

Cytolog pill holds an active component, which is also Known as misoprostol, which jointly works to terminate the pregnancy. Misoprostol acts to retrench the uterine & consequent eviction of the embryo. In fact, this medication process alone may found helpful to drop down the unwanted pregnancy, where its success rate increases when taken accompanied with other helping drug. Cytotec is a medical abortion pill laden with mifepristone proposed for the women to get an early-pregnancy execution without going under the surgical process. It works outstanding in the result if taken prior completion of 9 weeks of pregnancy.

How to take this pregnancy termination pills?

Mark this in point that you need to run the dosage as per the recommended manner and under the physician supervision. You can use cytotec (misoprostol) in two ways.  

  • You may advise taking Mifepristone first orally. Mifepristone turns the placenta to get detached from the endometrium. It also leads to supply the cervix & improves the retrenchment of the uterine to permit the uterine stuff to enter.
  • Secondly, you will advise taking Misoprostol through the mouth or vaginally that needs to be practiced prior to 48 hours of Mifepristone. Well, it depends upon the dosage intake process.

Further, to take this medicine you need to seek an assistance of the experts or physician. Kindly, run the drug appropriately and absolutely under recommendation to get terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Missing any of the medicine perhaps enhance the risk of pregnancy sustainable. If, you fail to get a proper response of the pills kindly consult the doctor; it might possible that you need to exercise the abortion pill again. When you take this abortion supplements you will get a vaginal bleeding, which is the biggest indication that you are getting your baby aborted. This bleeding may proceed for around 5 to 7 days or still the process of termination. Remember you need to practice this pill within the expected period of time. If taken after the duration the risk of pregnancy arises. So, be careful throughout the abortion process. Take the supplements with the normal and enough amount of water without smashing or crushing, whereas Meal can be considered as an option.

Prevention therapy

Kindly, avoid taking alcohol or smoking cigarettes during the process since it may become a threat for the pregnancy to abort. Take vitamin contain supplements. Avoid exercising any heavy work. Take as much rest as you can; since taking this abortion pills turns the body weak, exhaust and motionless. Avoid taking spicy or oily stuff; consume fruits and juice. Taking any other drug along with it may admit one of the reasons for the austere side-effects. In case if you have any other health hurdle disclose it to the doctor.  


Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, exhaustion, etc. can be measured a normal kind of side-effects, which occurs while going through the medical abortion process.


You need to store the medicine completely in your contact area absolutely away from heat, sunrays, and kids. Place it in the box to prevent from moisture. 

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